Hello and welcome to my official campaign web site, where you can read about my platform, check out videos and photos, keep up with campaign events, and discover how you can get involved in my campaign.  I don’t want your money.  I want your ideas and involvement.

People often ask me, “Why are you running for City Council?”  I suppose I don’t fit the stereotype of a City Council candidate.  I have a beard and long hair, I’m young, I usually wear t-shirts and jeans, and I’m not wealthy.  What I tell people is this: I am running because I care deeply about the Fullerton community.  I’m an educator, and art gallery owner, and I live right downtown.  I have an appreciation for Fullerton’s rich history, and a vision for Fullerton’s future.  I envision a place where the arts flourish, where nature and the environment are cared for, and where people from all walks of life are equally represented.

Join the movement.  Vote for me on November 2.

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