I am an educator by profession, so I love and value learning.  With so many wonderful schools, colleges, and universities, Fullerton is truly an education center.  One of my goals is to help build bridges of dialogue and community between the education centers and the larger Fullerton community.

For example, as an instructor at Cal State University Fullerton, and the co-owner of an art gallery downtown, I have hosted poetry events for CSUF’s Creative Writing Club, and even helped edit and publish a literary/arts magazine with them.

There are so many exciting things happening at our local schools (theater, music, art, writing, dance, science) and I want the City of Fullerton to embrace and experience the joys of learning and culture that our academic centers provide.

As a City Council member, I would also be an advocate for Fullerton’s public libraries and their resources.  Even in difficult economic times, I believe it is imperative that we keep our libraries open and serving the public.

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